Alicia is one of the very best practitioners in her field…”

“When I found a chiropractor who could help me with ten years of chronic back pain, I was so relieved. But I knew I also needed something else to ease the stresses ans strains on my back. Luckily I found Alicja. Her deep muscle massages are so effective. In my opinion, Alicia is one of the very best practitioners in her field because she is intuitive. She instinctively knows where your pain is and what to do to relieve it. Anybody can learn to do a massage, but only a few have the natural ability to make the most of that training. Alicia is one of those people and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Dylan Walker, Co- Founder of Planet Whale



” Alicia’s massages are the best…”

Alicia’s massages are the best I have ever experienced and believe me I’ve had quite a few! Does her massage relieve stress? Absolutely. After each and every one I feel invigorated and restored.  I’ve always had deep tissue massages and have never been disappointed with Alicia’s strength and ability of easing ‘knots’.  She is extremely professional, very calming and always                                                           friendly. 

Meeta Patel, ROCC Computers




2541070‘The sessions help me recover from intense training (and) promote general wellness”

“Having played sport professionally and still being involved at a high level, I need a therapist who can keep my body in the best possible condition. Alicia provides excellent, individually tailored sessions specific to my needs. The sessions help me recover from intense training as well as promote general wellness. In short Alicia is great and I would recommend her services to anyone, professional and amateur, old and young. She’s never let me down! Thank you Alicia.’

Shane Roiser, former pro rugby player for London Wasps


 “She has made a very big difference to my everyday living”

Before going to Alicia I could hardly walk and had experienced back pain for the last 10 years, having had a discectomy it had relieved the pain to a certain degree but it was always there. Alicia went through all my medical history and started massaging my back and shoulders in Jan 2013- each week the pain would get less and less and after trying a few different techniques we found the one that has made my pain go away completely. I still go for weekly massages just to keep everything in check but I never thought the day would come when I could wake up in the morning and feel no pain. I would recommend Alicia to anyone as she has made a very big difference to my everyday living.

Nicky Conboy, Office Manager