I have been working as a massage therapist from 2007. During this time I have observed what works and what doesn’t for my clients and myself. I drew from my experience and various massage styles and I created my own, unique style. I called it.

BO Technique-
an abbreviati on of my surname- Bodnar.

So let me share with you, what BO Technique is

Massage is a profession- it is applying structured pressure to various areas and structures of the body- we all know that more or less. And most massage therapists start from there- applying pressure. I have found that there is a step most of them are missing- a human touch. This nurturing, kind, COMPASSIONATE TOUCH that makes us feel empowered, loved and happy.

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So before thinking of massaging, I learned that touching in this humane, compassionate way is vital. It lifts us from being just a subject and object or a therapist and a client to being two equal human beings, embarking on a journey of self discovery, healing and communication.

This compassionate touch will be present throughout the treatment and it will form the basis of our communication. It will inform the therapist of any muscular tensions, the intensity of pressure required, it will even help to tune in to the client’s state of mind.

The second most important for me is the INTENTION. I have experienced many times that when I have a clear and strong intention to help, my mind will provide the solution. It seems obvious but if we count how many gestures we make or thoughts we think without even noticing it, it adds up. Keeping the mind still and focused during the treatment, creates a meditative MINDFULNESS for the therapist. So during the massage, every gesture, every movement should be aimed to help and heal. The intention should be strong.

Another important thing for me is to give as DEEP PRESSURE as comfortably possible. In short- the more pressure the better. Our minds and bodies go through such amounts of pressure and stress on a daily basis, that it takes some ‘force’ to undo these patterns. But to be able to give lots of pressure one needs to apply it very gradually and carefully. Otherwise the muscles will contract and the effort will be counter-productive. It is where the compassionate touch comes into play as it helps to form a relationship of trust which in turn makes the client more willing to put up with a bit of discomfort for greater good.

A mixture of compassionate touch, deep pressure, strong intention, trust and communication can help a person to go into a state of DEEP RELAXATION. It is a very beneficial and healing for the body and mind but it doesn’t happen during every treatment.

Another important component to BO Techniques is the FLOW.

And last but not least- as every person is different, it is important not to be stuck in one technique or routine but to change, improvise and use whatever means available to get the best results.